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Visa Information in English

25.02.2022 - Artikel

Information on visa procedures for English-speaking customers

VIS - Visa Information System
VIS - Visa Information System© EU Komission

May I apply for a visa in Ukraine?

The competence of the diplomatic mission arises from the regular residence of the applicants. Regular residence is a place where the person actually resides, not only temporarily (e.g. on a visit basis), but for a certain period of time.

Do I need a visa for Germany?

Please follow the link to the website of the German Federal Foreign Office to check if you need a visa for Germany:

Table of countries whose citizens require / do not require visas to enter Germany

What kind of visa do I need?

For short (up to 90 days in any 180-days period) stays in Germany your need a Schengen visa (category C)

For long (more than 90 days) stays and for work you need a National visa (category D)

Information for members of the diplomatic missions in Ukraine (only for holders of the diplomatic or service passports)

You work in the diplomatic mission of your country in Ukraine and need a Schengen visa for Germany, you have a diplomatic or servise passport, then download our Guideline for diplomats, please. You will find there our instructions concerning the visa appointment, visa application and list of required documents.

Guideline for diplomats

For any further questions you also may contact the visa section by email.

This Guideline ist not applicable for the employees of the diplomatic missions with regular passports.

The German Embassy Kiev asks for your understanding that due to the very small number of English speaking customers, our information relating to visa questions is available in German and Ukrainian only. In case you are not able to understand either language, please find a person of your trust to assist you with the documents and information. However, when applying at our embassy our staff will be able to assist you in English.

To help you understand the general requirements of your visa application, you might also collect information from the German Embassy`s website at your country of origin. In general, the requirements are similar whether you apply for a visa in your home country or in Ukraine.

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